"Scarlet Runner Bean"

"Scarlet Runner Beans in Flower"

Oh scarlet runner beans, how I love you

Your flowers are enchanting, the color of passion and of the sun as it sets over the blue mountains

You grow straight and tall toward the fluffy clouds that roll above you

Your vines twist and wrap and reach far from your trellised boundaries

Your roots grow large and deep pulling nutrients upward into your succulent pods

You are adaptable, saveable, unchangeable

Your seeds are surprisingly neon fuchsia when young, and a serious mature dark purple when ripe

Your pods are long and green and magnificent , small or large , still delicious

How I love the hummingbirds hovering above you with glistening green feathered bodies

Most of all you are beautiful reaching far above my head so I take time to notice how exciting orange and blue can be and how your vines and leaves and rush of flowers reach for the fluffy white clouds that dance                                                                                                               overhead  connecting earth and sky and me

_Lilly West