As I contemplate the bulge around my middle and the ten pounds I want to lose by my sister’s 60th birthday party in November the thought goes through my head: I am not motivated to lose weight, I am motivated to eat pie. Blackberry pie, hot, steaming and dripping beautiful black juice down the side of my prized Fiestaware pie plate and along the countertop,  PIE. Yes, I am carrying around the booty from the summer: fresh harvested berries made into pie, fried zucchini, Theo’s salted almond dark chocolate bars, crab cakes, clams dipped in butter, mussels finished off with  spicy curried coconut milk.Oh how I love the summer! Strawberries with vanilla ice cream, blueberry pancakes sweetened with maple syrup, local ESB’s and IPA’s, lovely Sauvignon Blancs and huckleberry liquors………screechhhhhhh…ing….halt!  Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow…….I will have all the bounty and only a little butter, maybe no butter at all. I will steam those veges and add no ice cream on the pie…..lettuce without dressing and potatoes without the cream. I can be sensible, I can be healthy, I can be moderate…..after all tomorrow is another day!  But for tonight…

“Where’s the ice cream?”

Blackberry Pie