Lilly West

"Take Time to Be Silly"

If I was a braid I would be made of earth, imagination and spirit. I need these three in my life to thrive. I am curious, creative, love to grow my own food, find wild food, cook, take photographs and be with people who make me laugh and sing. My dream is to grow with a community that I can trust to put Mother Earth first always. It is difficult in these changing times to find the best way to make a difference, but my goal is to try. I believe seed saving should be the right of every person on the planet and no plant should be owned by a patent. I believe growing food feeds us both physically and spiritually and that  planting a seed can change the lives of the people who choose to do it. I believe in the freedom of speech and personal expression. I believe that the urge we have to create is a way to connect us to our true selves and to the pool of the collective unconscious we can all tap into.  I love all kinds of music and regularly attend shows at the local taverns down in old town Ballard and around the Pacific Northwest. I’m originally from Dallas, Texas – formed of thick clay, white rocks and bad jokes. I am the mother of two grown kids who live in Portland so consider it my second home. I live in Seattle, Washington with my man Richard and our little furry friend, Mabel the cat . I am happy and I feel pretty damn lucky to be alive…. most of the time.