I love my milk frother! One of my best friends surprised me with a present and that in itself is pretty exciting. When I opened up the mystery box, there it was a beautifully made milk frother. I left it in the box for a few days until I had time to read the instructions. It couldn’t be that difficult but I wanted to treat this little wonder with the respect it deserved. I wanted to wait for that moment of indulgence when I could take my time, make the perfect cup of coffee, find the rawest sugar in my cabinet, bring out the vanilla extract a friend hand carried back from her travels, make ready the cinnamon shaker. Just to push it over the top I sprinkled mini chocolate chips in too.  I heated the milk just slightly and poured it in to the delicate glass beaker, placed the stainless steel, stylish pump on top and pumped away until the milk changed to a perfect froth! Oh how I love my beautiful frother and the cup of coffee sitting next to me right now and the kind friend who gave it to me. I dream of lovely Paris, if only I had a delicate croissant from the cobblestone street of Rue Mouffetard…

Cheers to innocent indulgences,


PS: I used local and organic whole milk